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How To Maintain Metallic Letter Signs?

Importance Of A Clean Metallic Letter Signs

Metal letter signs have been in vogue for years and still in trend with small and large businesses. We need to keep in mind that signs serve the purpose of an advertisement. It is used to make a statement and draw attention. Designing and manufacturing signs involve time and money, hence we need to give importance to the aesthetics and the message it conveys. We are the best sign board manufacturers in Chennai who offer unique and creative metallic signs that are easy to clean and maintain. 

When we design signs for customers, we ensure that we advise them to maintain and clean them and also give solutions on how to clean it. It is an important step as signs convey the kind of business we do. A shoddy sign will give an impression of being undisciplined and unorganized which will affect our business. A clean and impressive looking sign will attract potential customers and hence regular cleaning of signs should always be in our to-do list.

A Sign Board Manufacturer In Chennai Explains The Steps To Clean Metal Letter Signs

There is a lot of thought that goes into designing and making metal signs to build the brand of a company and attract new businesses. The signs reflect what the company stands for. Based on customer requirement, we make metal signs that are simple and easy to maintain or have etched plaques and curves that are a bit tough to clean. Whichever be the case we need to have a regular cleaning routine. A leading sign board manufacturer in Chennai states that simple cleaning techniques will suffice to maintain clean logos and metal signs. We follow this five-step process as a general guide to clean logos and sign.

  1. Using a soft cotton cloth wipe away loose dust settled on the signs. We must do this gently without scratching the surface of the metal.
  2. Take a bucket full of warm water and add one cup each of white vinegar and a mild liquid detergent.
  3. Dip the soft cloth in the solution and wring the cloth well.
  4. Wipe the metal sign with the wet cloth gently. Wet it again if required. 
  5. Use a soft, clean, dry, cotton cloth to wipe dry the sign.

There are two important things we need to take care of. 

  • Always use a soft cloth so it does not scratch the metal surface. 
  • Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals which will easily spoil the sheen of the metal.
Exterior Aluminium Solid letters being installed for worship centre

Etched signs and plaques are tough to clean. There are lines and grooves where dirt will accumulate. We will need special tools to clean such signs. Steel and aluminium signs will require a metal polish as a part of the cleaning process to give it a shine. We will need additionally clean rags, wooden cuticle sticks along with warm water, liquid dishwashing to clean etched signs. We need to have two pails of warm water of which one pail should be soapy water. Dip one rag in soapy water and wipe the dirt away. Use another rag in clean water and wipe the soap away. Use wooden cuticles to gouge out the dirt from the crevices and cracks. Once the metal signs are dry after cleaning, apply metal polish to give a sleek new look.   

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How To Maintain Old Metal Letter Signs?

Outdoor metal signs are prone to regular wind, rain, snow and sleet. This can cause the metal signs to get dusty, dirty and rusted. New metal signs are easy to clean, but old signs will be challenging if not regularly maintained. Dust, dirt and grease can settle on the sign and make it quite tough to remove. Experts from leading sign board manufacturers in Chennai suggest the use of soap spray on stains and grease for its quick removal. We need to add one part of water with one part of white vinegar in a spray bottle to spray on stains and grease. Use rust remover on a damp cloth to scrub off rust spots on the signs. We must do a regular rinsing process to remove any additional chemicals on the metal signs. 

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