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Metal Letters And Sign Boards: An Effective Marketing Strategy

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Among the numerous marketing strategies deployed by businesses, a signboard is a subtle approach to market one’s name and product. Stunningly appealing signage does more for a business than what an ordinary name board does. It is a vital part of an organization’s branding that conveys business ethics and purpose. It also carries crucial information about the products, services and contact details. Metal signage is a popular trending choice of the current times. Signboard designers, especially in Chennai, are inundated with customized orders for metal signs. 

Custom-cut metal letters are a big fad. Here are the reasons why:

  • They are versatile and can be used as street signs, shop signs, signage on walls, gates and fences, residences and commercial or corporate buildings.
  • Metal signs can withstand harsh weather conditions. 
  • They require minimum maintenance. 
  • They are cost-effective.
  • Metal signs can be customized to perfection. 

This article explains the various factors that must be taken into consideration before one invests in a metal signboard. Let’s take a look at the details.

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Factors To Note When Ordering Customized Metal Letter Signs

Know the basic types of metal signs

As a rule of thumb, it is wise to go well-equipped with the knowledge of the choices of metal signs the market has to offer:

  • 3D signs: Commonly known as dimensional signs, they are fabricated from multiple pieces of aluminium and stacked on top of the other to project a 3-dimensional effect. Available in an array of powder-coated colours, dimensional sign boards are far more unique than flat signs. 
  • Metal letters: A popular favourite, metal letters can be mounted directly on to walls along with customized designs or company logos. Metal letters are forged from aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic and high-density foam.
  • Flat signs: Customized flat signs are a better choice for budget and weight restrictions. 

Are they a cost-effective choice? 

There is no doubt that metals are slightly high-priced. But they are a better choice in comparison to other forms of advertising such as newspaper, radio and TV. To ensure cost-efficiency, one must know the essential details of the kinds of material that are used in metal signage. It is the best method to gauge the right cost of the customization and know if you are making a wise choice.

Exterior Aluminium Solid letters being installed for worship centre

Weather elements

The weather is always unpredictable, especially in a city like Chennai. Powder-coated metal signboards tend to stand tough in extremely rainy or humid areas because the coating prevents corrosion and rust. But there are other factors like wind, snow, and heat that will determine where the sign can be installed. The stronger the wind in your city, the thicker the signboard ought to be. 

Know the basic materials

There are many materials that are used to fabricate metal signs. Just because it bears the name “metal” the raw materials aren’t restricted to that one category:

  • Aluminium is the top choice for its versatility and durability. 
  • Alumite is a corrugated plastic reinforced with aluminium side panels. 
  • Dibond is made of a flexible polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminium panels. 
  • Armour-wood is a highly durable choice for outdoor signage. 
  • Brass, bronze and copper are popular choices for creating vintage signage. 

What is the finish?

  • Powder-coating remains the most preferred option because of its choice in colours and its effectiveness in curbing rust and corrosion. 
  • Powder-coating is available in a glossy and matte finish.
  • Reflective coating increases the visibility of the sign board.
  • Brushed aluminium finish is inexpensive while remaining elegant.
  • Enamel spray works are only for signage that will be exposed to rain and sunlight. 

Other factors to note

  • The size of the metal letter or sign board should be apt for the layout. 
  • Consider good angles that will accentuate the display to be viewed more easily.
  • Resolution of logos and images should be in tandem with the size of the board.
  • Signage should not block your entrance or facade. 
  • Choose the right colour, dimensions and finish to suit the overall appeal of the outlet.

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