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Using Metallic Letters And Signs

Metallic Letters Unravelled

Signs made out of metallic letters have become quite popular in business and marketing. They are used for outdoor as well as indoor advertising. Corporate businesses, restaurants, retail stores, malls and more use metallic signs and letters for advertising. Metal signs are also used for individual purposes for adorning private properties and homes. We are one of the leading signboard manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai who are also involved in designing and creating metallic signs and letters that can make a statement. 

Metal signs are used by most people to make a bold and stylish statement. It is important that your business garners new interest and having your business logo or brand represented in metallic signs will be of great value. A personalised metallic sign in modern or traditional design will help achieve the desired results you are looking for. We undertake custom metal signs which are quite popular among businesses across the globe. These days most of the signs are made out of metallic letters. It gives your business a distinctive and professional look.

Advantages Of Metallic Letters As Briefed By A Leading Signboard Manufacturer In Chennai

When we look around the streets of Chennai, we will find that most of the signs are made out of metal. The sheer advantage of using metals signs has made them quite popular. Some of the advantages of using metals for signs are given below.

  • Metal signs are long-lasting
  • Metal signs can be customized 
  • Metal signs can be made quickly
  • Metal signs can incorporate lights
  • Metal signs offer great value for money 
  • Metal signs can grab attention 

The very first thing which comes to our mind is that the metals are durable and long-lasting. When we use metals as signage, we add an extra layer of a protective coating that makes it even more resistant to damages. Initially, cast iron was used for making metal signs. We now use aluminium and steel. Steel signs are strong but require additional treatment to protect it from rusting and corrosion. Aluminium signs are waterproof and rust-resistant which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It is easier to handle aluminium signs as it is light. To make it even more durable, two layers of aluminium are reinforced with plastic.

Stainless Steel Etching/Engraving circle oval printed plate

VK Signage is the leading Sign Board Manufacturer in Chennai. We are experts in customizing variety sign boards to enhance your brand visibility.

Metal signs can be customized into any shape, size and style. There is a wide range of designs and concepts one can follow while creating metal signs. They are also available in different finishes and colours. Metal signs are available in varying thickness and can be lettered on dual sides. Aluminium is the easiest to use as it can be cut and moulded into any shape. Metal is more often used to create custom signs. The average time it takes to manufacture a metal sign is 2 weeks which is less than the average turnaround time of 3 weeks required for other signs. The duration of manufacture mostly depends on the design requirement as well. Metal signs can be illuminated if we want it to be visible in the night. We need to add an electric connection to add lights. We can also add lights at the back or on top of the signs. If we look at the durability and longevity, metal signs are great value for money.

Metallic Letters For The Professional Look

A leading signboard manufacturer in Chennai quotes that, A business with no signs is no business. Signs need to be done and it has to be eye-catchy. Metal signs are attractive, bright and give a professional look. We have come up with 3D designs which are even more attention-grabbing and clear. The sole purpose of advertisements is to grab the attention of the potential customers and metal signs will do just that. Metallic letters have a sleek look which portrays a sense of efficiency and professionalism. It will be noticed by everyone who walks or drives around. It will be easy to read and the target audience will have a clear idea of the message. Customers are always attracted to offices that look good and professional. It will simply give them the feeling that they will receive the best of service. 

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