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Indoor Or Outdoor Sign Boards: What Suits Your Requirements Best?

LED Sign Board Dealers Define Indoor And Outdoor LED Sign Boards

Indoor signs and outdoor signs are the two basic types of LED sign boards used by businesses and retail shops. Though the concept is the same, each of these types solves different needs for a business goal. LED sign board dealers in Chennai recommend using indoor signs for messages that can guide customers to business within the vicinity. Choosing the right type of sign board is trivial as it can hurt the performance of your sale. As the leading sign board manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai, we ensure to provide world-class quality sign boards that meet all purposes of a business. Both indoor and outdoor LED sign boards are ideal to engage people and bring them closer to the business. Sign boards of any type will create a visual image of the brand in a customer’s mind. It guides them to the products and acts as the first interaction between the customer and the business. But there are some unique differences between the indoor and outdoor signs. Let us take a look at them more closely.
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Differences Between Indoor And Outdoor LED Sign Boards

Chennai is a city with several business establishments, recreation facilities, retail stores and more. Chennai traffic itself can produce the required customers if we implement the right type of LED sign board. We must first understand the differences between the two basic types of sign boards before choosing them. Indoor signs are used for close-range viewing and will mostly require high-resolution LEDs when compared to outdoor signs. It has to be installed at ground level where it meets the eyes straight for a sharp and clear display. We recommend indoor signs for shopping malls, sports complexes, hospitals and churches.

Small Indoor LED display sign board with a ship

Outdoor LED sign boards should have maximum brightness as they must compete with the brightness of the sun during daylight. High-quality outdoor signs use up to 10,000 nits and are quite energy-efficient and last longer. Indoor signs require only half the brightness of outdoor signs. Indoor LEDs come with options to adjust the brightness based on the natural light inside the area. Indoor signs are designed to integrate with a third party and other input sources. Outdoor signs use a controller to play messages and are managed by one software that manages the message and remote access.

Outdoor signs should be built to withstand all types of climatic conditions. Silicone encapsulation, cabinets, fade-proof louvre shades are all part of outdoor signs. Indoor LED sign boards do not require such protection. Indoor signs can be integrated into any design of the insides of a building. They are assembled panel by panel onsite and not installed within a cabinet. Though versatile, outdoor signs are not assembled panel by panel. Most outdoor sign boards are shipped in large cabinets and are installed on the sign structure or in a place on a building.

LED Sign Board Dealers Talk About Interchanging Indoor And Outdoor LED Sign Boards

There are a few things you need to consider when you are planning to interchange indoor and outdoor LEDs. Chennai has a mix of both traditional and cosmopolitan crowds. The place boasts of both heavy and low traffic areas. This factor comes into play when you decide on a sign board. When we are required to place a sign board or for that matter interchange sign boards, there are few mantras we follow which include:

  • Outdoor signs can be used indoor
  • Indoor signs cannot be used outdoor
  • Both types can be used at a commercial level
  • Atmosphere matters and not the location
Large Outdoor LED sign board of a car dealer

Commercial outdoor signs are designed to be used indoors and outdoors. Commercial signs are built to be durable. When we have to interchange between indoor and outdoor, we will have to change the hardware and visual standards that have set them apart. When we design sign boards for commercial purpose, it works for a long haul and provides a good return on investment. Both indoor and outdoor signs come with a variety of lighting technology, namely

  • Full-colour signs
  • Monochrome signs
  • Backlit signs
  • Illuminated signs
  • RGB signs

The atmosphere where we need to place the sign is also an important factor. If the location is a shopping mall, we mostly place indoor signs even outside of the building. 

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