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Best Advice To Choose The Right Sign Boards From LED Sign Board Manufacturers In Chennai

Importance Of LED Sign Board For Businesses

Our businesses are of the utmost importance to us. We nurture and take care of it just like our loved ones and we know it will yield good results. Advertising and marketing is an important aspect of business that helps it grow. A good business person will be aware of the importance of advertising and the impact of a digital sign board. LED sign board manufacturers in Chennai have been serving a number of businesses, small, medium or big to create amazing outstanding signs. We are one of the best sign board manufacturers in Chennai who are doing brisk business to enlighten the brands and products of various businesses. A well-established businessperson will be aware of the LED sign market and its importance in business.

It is really hard to miss the bold and bright signs on the roads. Digital signs are everywhere and they are hard to miss. Our eyes meet them at the cafes, shopping malls, theatres, hospitals, office complexes and on the roads. A study has revealed that a digital sign reaches more people than an advertisement on social media. Most of us are compelled to read outdoor digital signs whereas any other form of advertisement can be skipped.

LED Sign Board Manufacturers Talk About Choosing The Right LED Sign Boards

As the most sought after LED sign board manufacturers in Chennai, we suggest that you will have to make the right choice when it comes to using digital signs for the purpose of business. The planning should be perfect for which we need to know how the sign board is going to be used. A few things we need to know are:

  • Should the sign board attract the fast-moving or slow-moving traffic?
  • Should the sign board be visible at a close range or long distance?
  • What kind of content should the message display?
  • What type of sign board will best serve the purpose?

Chennai has more of the fast-moving traffic and a little less of slow-moving traffic in the suburbs. We need to ascertain a lot of technical factors like viewing distance, space restriction, zoning constraints, and traffic speed before deciding on the right sign board and location. Of all the factors, viewing distance is the most important one. The viewing distance will help determine the sign board size and its resolution. For a long-distance view, we will have to make a larger than life display size. Small size display will suit for a closer range view. A thumb rule is that for every 100 ft of distance the character height should increase by 2 inches.

An appropriate viewing angle will ensure that the message will be visible from different sides. For television, a straight angle will be the best as we are viewing from the front. That may not be the case with sign boards. A passerby should be able to easily read the sign board from any angle. We calculate 50% of light intensity at the horizontal and vertical points seen from the opposite of the LED sign to arrive at the right viewing angle. LED size and style depends on the traffic pattern as well. We decide the resolution based on the viewing distance and angle. Shorter pixel pitch will give a very high resolution. We will decide on the communication protocol based on the business need. If the business entails frequent edits of display messages, we will use synchronous control cards. Asynchronous control cards are used for LED signs that don’t require frequent updates.

Representation of choosing LED sign board based on pixel pitch and viewing distance

VK Signage is the leading Sign Board Manufacturer in Chennai. We are experts in customizing variety sign boards to enhance your brand visibility. 

Different Categories Of LED Sign Boards Used In Chennai

Based on the type of business scenario in Chennai, we have come up with the most common and basic types of sign boards that work well for both outdoor and indoor campaigns. This includes:

  • Double-sided single cabinet
  • Single-sided signs
  • LED Messageboard
  • Video Wall LED Sign
  • Standalone LED display 

For busy streets with heavy traffic, double-sided, single cabinets are perfect. It offers more visibility and better lighting. Single-sided works well on one-way traffic. It can be used as an indoor sign as well. LED message board provides several options for businesses to achieve their marketing and advertising goal. Video and standalone displays are most suitable indoors and for inside complexes advertising.

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