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A Complete Guide On LED Sign Board

What Goes Into An LED Sign Board?

LED or light-emitting diode is a semiconductor of electricity that emits a very bright light, an efficient alternative to the traditional light bulbs. It is an effective, ultra-bright light that does not burn out as there is no filament. Signboards that we make out of thousands of LED bulbs are called LED sign boards. It is otherwise called a digital display, electronic signs, reader boards or electronic message centres. For a business purpose, such digital signage can create a great impact on creating awareness and marketing a product or a brand. An LED sign involves technology but choosing the right partner for all the business needs should not be a tough task if there is proper research done.

We are the leading sign board manufacturer in Chennai and our mission is to help you with your business goal through our amazing and creative sign boards. We have sign boards that suit all business requirements. It could be double-sided, wall-mounted, single face or monument style. We have the exact thing you are looking for and we don’t confuse you with technical margins that can mislead you like how other manufacturers do.

Understanding Technology Aspects From A Signboard Manufacturer In Chennai

LED technology or the usage of LED has been around for more than 50 years. Chennai being a business hub has seen the use of LED signboards for decades. Nick Holonyak Jr invented LED bulbs while working for General Electric. The first monochromatic LED display was developed by Hewlett Packard in 1968 and LED signs have come a long way since then. LED signs are used in digital displays with high-resolution images and text to make a stunning impact on the viewers. Technology has been making rapid advances in LED technology advanced from monochrome white light to red, green and blue and to include all the three colours in one.

An LED display consists of several efficient components. These components function together to create an amazing effect. There are two different types of LED bulbs used for digital signs, namely DIP and SMD. DIP or Dual Inline Package are made up of red, green and blue bulbs combined to form a single pixel. SMD or Surface Mount Diode consists of all three colours in a single bulb. It takes up very less space and releases less heat when compared to DIP bulbs. These bulbs are used in high resolution LED displays where the pixel pitch is small.

A pixel pitch refers to the distance measured between the pixels in an LED sign. It is a measurement taken in millimetres from the centre of one pixel to the centre of another pixel. The smaller the pixel pitch, higher will be the resolution of the sign board. It is vital that the resolution be higher so the design board will be more visible and clear from a long distance. PCB or printed circuit board connects all electronic components of the sign board. It has two to three layers to make it murder stable and sturdy. LED signs are built using modules. It forms the content of the sign board which are fitted and connected together.

Representation of pixel pitch in LED signs

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Points To Ponder Before Purchasing LED Sign Board

In Chennai, we may come across LED signs of varying costs. The actual cost of an LED sign depends on the number of LED bulbs used. The printed circuit board is quite inexpensive when compared to LED bulbs and the size of these boards really does not affect the cost. To compare the performance of LED display , LED density is a good indicator. LED density refers to the number of LEDs per pixel. More LEDs per pixel will increase the density. This will result in higher performance and brighter display. LEDs that are low in brightness will be unreadable and will not serve any purpose. The viewing angle of the LED is also important. LEDs can have a single narrow beam or a wide beam of light. The narrow-angle will have more focus on one point while the wide-angle will spread the light across the horizon. Besides the kind of reach and location, we will decide on the type of beam required for the signage.

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