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Benefits Of LED Sign Board From A Leading LED Sign Board Manufacturer In Chennai

Characteristics Of High Quality LED Sign Boards As Told By An LED Sign Board Manufacturer

LED sign boards are used by every business as a part of their advertising and marketing campaign. Digital signage on brands and products is proven to have increased sales. LED sign board manufacturers in Chennai take care of multiple factors that go into the making of a digital sign board that defines its characteristics. We are the leading sign board suppliers in Chennai with extensive experience in the field that has made us capable of providing an end to end solution. We insist that every LED sign board manufacturer should follow a set standard that defines a high-quality sign board. Characteristics of a good sign board are:

  • Grabs viewers attention in the first instant
  • Complete front ventilation 
  • Completely serviceable from the front
  • Must be perfect for wall mount, pole and monument
  • Zero vents in the rear
  • Signs and modules should be externally connected
  • Connections for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and power should be quick and easy
  • Cabinet depth should be 4.9" 
  • Must be lightweight and the circuit board material should be powder-coated aluminium that withstands all weather.
Illustration of colourful LEDs on LED sign board

An LED Sign Board Manufacturer in Chennai Mentions The Benefits Of Using LED Sign Boards

Chennai being a city of business and industries, the use of LED sign boards is very common and we owe it to the numerous benefits of sign boards. The colourful and amazing display of LEDs will easily gain attention towards a business. They have proven to be reliable to increase the sales of every business. A high quality LED sign can last long. On average, it can last up 50,000 to 100,000 hours, that is a full 3 to 6 years. This is longer compared to neon or fluorescent displays. LED signs are also capable of maintaining the brightness level throughout its lifespan.

The eye-catching brightness will definitely set LED signs apart from other options. The striking brightness produced by the LED technology gives clear and brilliant light that is easy to read from far or near. The content of the signage stands out boldly, especially in the night and intense to see in the sunlight. It gives a distinct advantage for business signage as it gets a clear impression of the message for customers who walk or drive past. In the case of neon or fluorescent signs, we have faced constant struggle to keep the signs fully lit with consistent brightness.

With neon signs, we will always face the plight of changing the light bulbs as it will dim the rest of the signage. Dim or half-lit signage will always send a poor message to the customer about your business. They will likely believe that you are not conscientious. LEDs will eliminate most of these issues. The efficient LED technology will keep the signboard illuminated longer than most of the other options. LED lights use less energy than neon systems. It uses around 10 watts of power which is 80% less than neon lights. This energy efficiency leaves less stress on the environment and reduces the cost of lighting. LEDs can be made thinner when compared to neon lights. An LED sign can be made as small as 1 inch thick.

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More About Low Maintenance LED Sign Boards

It is important that you get your sign board made with high-quality materials such that it not just lasts long but also is low in maintenance. In Chennai, where there is an increased use of signage it is important that there is less effort to maintain the same as well. LED bulbs are not made up of glass tubes or gasses that may leak or break. LED signs are easy to clean and they never easily burnout. They are apt to use for outdoor advertising and can withstand any climate without any protection, unlike incandescent or neon bulbs. Waterproof LED sign boards are available for humid and wet regions. The sign boards are extremely simple to connect and install. It is easy to combine a different combination of lights and create digital flashes, animations, movements and colour changes in LED signs. LED sign boards surely make a great investment for advertising.

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