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Outdoor Liquid LED letter sign board of a popular restaurant in Chennai

LED Sign Boards To Accentuate Your Brand

In a highly competitive environment, your business needs to stand out of the crowd to create a buzz and attract your customers. What better way to do it than with our captivating LED sign boards? For years, VK Signage has ruled as one of the premier LED sign board manufacturers in Chennai. Our bespoke LED Sign Boards have been used to proudly advertise a wide spectrum of brands and businesses.

Allow your business to steal the limelight with our visually appealing LED board displays. Strike the right chord with our LED advertising boards that are colourful, creative and captivating. Go ahead, convince, and motivate your potential customers with LED sign boards that ushers in long-lasting relationships.

Recent Works

Assortment of LED boards

You Choose it, We Design It
Liquid LED Letters
Liquid LED letters sign board designed for Computer solutions company in Chennai

Brighten your brand with the latest technology liquid LED letters filled with special epoxy resin! The letters stand out from the rest with its even and smooth surface enhanced by its transparent finish.

Benefits :
Greater Efficiency
Lesser Energy
Colourful & Bright
Trim Cap LED Letters
Trim cap LED letter design in English font

Increase your brand visibility with the most popular LED signage solutions ever! Go for trim cap LED letters, the stunning acrylic channel letters coated with aluminium.  It can be easily customized into letters or logos of your choice! 

Benefits :
Easy to customize
Firm & Strong
Lesser Cost
Trimless LED Letters
Trimless LED letter design in English font

Add a spark of  glowing effect to your sign board with trimless LED letters! These channel letters  are made with translucent acrylic that extends beyond the metal’s edge and makes you stop and look!

Benefits :
Multiple colours available
Brilliant brightness
Better efficiency
SS Profile Acrylic LED Letters
SS Profile Acrylic LED sign board for a popular home store

Looking for something bright and eye-catching?
It’s time to create your signs with stainless steel letters topped with acrylic cover and illuminated with LED. Go ahead and capture attention!

Benefits :
Elegant, Rich Look
Colourful and bright
Irresistibly Attractive
SS Titanium Acrylic LED Letters
SS Titanium Acrylic letters LED display board designed for famous real estate company

Slay and seek attention with attractive signs made of titanium letters! The acrylic top cover illuminated with LED gives it a sleek and elegant finish.

Benefits :
Easy to customize
Firm & Strong
Lesser Cost

Benefits Galore With VK Signage’s LED Board Displays, Chennai

When you team with VK Signage, you get nothing but the best in return for your investment!

As Chennai’s leading LED sign board dealers, we give you products that have a long operational life at a very reasonable cost.
Our LED signage has the brightest displays that do not emit any gases that compromise with its performance.
With the highest visibility, your LED board display can be seen from a good distance at day and night.
We offer you Installation services by expert technicians to save you time and money!
Our LED advertising boards are matchless in quality with a lifespan of at least 6 years more than the ordinary neon boards.
Our waterproof LED signages work without a hitch even during the wettest seasons.
Our LED sign boards give you the lowest power consumption even if it works all day!
Our LED boards are lightweight and easy to maintain.

LED sign boards - Drive attention to your business

Steal the attention of the audiences with metallic letters signages that sparks curiosity! Tell us about your business needs and leave it to us to lure the right attention!

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Liquid LED letter board display

LED Signboard FAQs

What is LED and how does it make a difference to sign board design and fabrication?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is a proficient electronic light source that generates more energy for every watt. These Light Emitting Diodes are not only flexible, but they also consume much less electricity. Our LED glow sign boards are fabricated with a smart and professional finish that exudes artful sophistication.

Can you explain what a Pixel Pitch is?

A Pixel Pitch refers to the density of pixels that determine the optimal viewing distance of your LED sign board. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density and better resolution. A smaller pixel pitch also gives you a closer viewing distance.

What kind of LED signage and glow sign board will suit my business or organization?

At VK Signage, we help you pick out the most suitable LED signage based on your advertising goals and objectives that will help to drive your business. The pixel pitch or the pixel thickness will primarily depend on your sign area. With our team at VK Signage, you can always expect to get the best guidance in your choice of LED sign boards.

How durable are your LED sign boards?

Our LED sign boards are built to last for at least 10 years. With good maintenance and careful utilization, your LED sign board should work as good as new for more than a decade.

How much do you charge for an LED sign board?

There is no other signage company in Chennai that offers you LED signage at the most reasonable rates like VK Signage. We also customize your sign boards to fit your budget. The prize of our LED sign boards varies from approximately Rs. 60 to Rs. 2,500 per square feet. The cost is largely determined by the materials used for fabrication.

What is a cabinet type LED sign board?

LED cabinets are the frames or the modular units on which the LED screen is assembled. In most cases, smaller cabinets are assembled to form a large LED screen. Cabinet type LED boards vary in sizes and are fabricated with different materials. Aluminium is preferred for indoor displays and sturdy steel cases are used for outdoor display.

What is the most important quality criteria for LED glow sign boards?

The quality of your LED glow sign board is determined by the LED chipset. The chipset is responsible for the pixel, pitch, and matrix of your LED sign board. At VK Signage we use nothing but superior quality LED chipsets that give you a crisp image with stunning resolution. The LED chipset also determines the density of the LED display, which is another key factor.

What are the factors that I should consider before purchasing the LED sign board?

As a rule of thumb, the quality of your LED display is the first factor that should be satisfactory. You must also check other requirements like pixel, pitch, matrix, warranty, post-installation services, LED density, LED brightness, energy consumption, and the price. VK Signage LED glow sign boards tick all the boxes to make it the perfect choice!

What is the relationship between the LED screen brightness and the viewing angle?

Depending on where your LED screen is installed, the screen brightness and viewing angle are different according to the environmental contrast ratio. Indoor LED signage requires lower brightness and a higher viewing angle, and vice versa for outdoor signage. If the contrast ratio between the screen brightness and the environmental brightness is higher, the performance of the screen will be more powerful.

How can I calculate an LED sign board’s power consumption?

The procedure is a simple one. You can easily multiply the voltage of LED in volts with the current of the LED in amperes. The resulting number that is calculated in watts is the measure of the quantity of power consumed by your LED sign board. At VK Signage, we manufacture LED sign boards that can work perfectly even on low current and voltage.
LED Sign Boards - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


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