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Why Use A Backlit Sign Board For Your Business?

What Is A Backlit Sign Board?

The main aim of signs is to attract the attention of people who could be potential customers. Any kind of businesses, be it small retail shops to large conglomerates require advertising to stay in people’s minds. Sign boards are one way of communicating your message directly to the target audience. Sign boards have become quite popular and there is an increasing amount of use which has made it a mandate that yours stand out. A backlit glow signboard is a type of sign board that is illuminated from the behind. We are leading shop signboard designers in Chennai who love to create innovative and creative backlit sign boards that will aid the growth of your businesses. 

Illuminated signs attract a lot of attention no matter what the time of the day or night it is. It will give a whole new opportunity for businesses to attract a lot of attention. Even today, illuminated signs are the most popular type of advertising which was introduced in 1800. We can choose between different types of light boxes and printing materials to create a unique sign that exceeds customer expectations.

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Backlit sign boards are different and allow their makers to be versatile. We can create any design using the different light boxes and graphic materials we have. A leading shop sign board designer in Chennai noted that with increase in the use of sign boards for advertising it is required that we stand out in the crowd. The human brain interacts with our surroundings. We can subconsciously perform selective filtering to filter the ones that are the most stimulating. The light from a backlit sign board can bring a significant change to the surrounding to attract the selective filtering process. In a sea of signs, a backlit sign acts like a lighthouse or the beacon that stands out and grabs our attention. The signs are not just attractive but can also be there for a long time so the passers-by can read and understand it. 

Backlit signs have an element of mystique and importance attached to it. The perceived notion is that there must be something important and special about this. This perception will increase the chance of visibility when compared with other types of signs. Light has a very positive effect on our promotions, perceptions and mood. Human emotions are stronger in the presence of bright light. Emotions are the most exploited lot by the advertising fraternity. As 80% of sensory information of the brain comes from our eyes, light has a huge influence on our emotion and mood. If we can spend our time and energy to create an optimal condition so the signs can play its persuasive powers on its audiences. Illuminated signs can heighten the emotional response and make the buyers open their wallets.

A Shop Sign Board Designer in Chennai Explains The Need For Backlit Sign Boards

Lighting highlights the main elements and its qualities and impacts what we think about the product. It creates a virtual space in our minds and also impacts how we feel about the product. Exterior signs need to be lit up all through the day and night. While most of the regular traffic is seen during the day, there is a considerable amount of people out late night as well. People who work at night or have irregular shifts will also be potential customers if we can attract their attention.

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Pros And Cons Of Backlit Sign Boards

Shop sign board designers in Chennai feel that there are loads of benefits of backlighting than any other form of signboards as given below.

  • Backlighting creates a more atmospheric effect than standard lighting.
  • Backlighting can be more impactful by creating shadow effects. 
  • Backlighting makes the text more prominent.
  • Backlighting adds depth to the graphics that make it more impactful and stand out.
  • Light boxes are versatile and can be designed the way we want.
  • Backlit sign boards are highly customizable, cost-effective, require low energy and maintenance. 

With all the benefits it has, there are some disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • Backlighting does require some power when compared to non-illuminated signs 
  • The initial investment is high
  • Installation is complex and requires it to be connected to a power source.

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