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Tips To Choose The Right Backlit Box

The Backlit Box Explained

Backlighting is not a new trend. Since the 1800s, lightboxes have been in use for advertising. Backlighting helps in outdoor promotions for retail businesses and exhibition stands. It helps in creating a great brand impression. The backlit glow box is not only a great way to enhance traffic but also helps create a store inside a store ambience to segregate different brands and products. We are the leading signboard manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai who are skilled and efficient in creating backlit boxes that stand out. 

Backlit boxes are trendy and also make a difference in a retail environment whether used in shops or trade shows. It adds to the visual communication and boosts the overall marketing and communication strategy. It has become an essential part of retail businesses and will continue to do so. It is not an expensive thing or consumes more energy. We have a lot of choices and designs as it is versatile and gives designers plenty of options to design their light boxes.

The Points To Consider While Choosing Backlit Box

A leading sign board manufacturer and supplier in Chennai insists that the customer needs to consider a few things before they plan to purchase backlit boxes. Location, type of light boxes and illumination, the complexity of installation, and the safety of the boxes need to be finalized before purchasing the boxes. We can mount backlit boxes on the walls, floors or hang them from the ceiling. Fixing them on walls and ceilings is more complex but it is a permanent solution. We must consider this only when we are sure about the location. Finding a strategic location on the floor to place light boxes will make things easy when you want to relocate based on retail changes that are required from time to time. 

Light boxes come with different looks and styles. Some have frames and some don’t. Some have transparency and some are translucent. When we design graphics we must have an idea who it should be perceived by the audiences. We can make luxurious looking light boxes or the ones that can be easily maintained. We also have single and double-sided boxes with silicone edge graphics. We need to understand the internal factors of a light box that will affect the appearance of the entire signboard. We can choose between LEDs and fluorescent lights. LEDs are cooler and energy-efficient than fluorescent bulbs. There are edge-lit boxes and backlit boxes. We need to make sure that the light dispersion is uniform and affects the overall appearance.

Outdoor backlit box of electornic mobility solutions

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We need to find the kind of installation the light box requires. There are light boxes that can be shipped and changed readily, and others require assembly. If it involves complex assembly, it is better to ship the parts unassembled. This will make installation simple and less complicated. We must also ensure that the light boxes we choose to comply with all safety standards enlisted by the government. It will help us avoid wasting money, time and also saves us from unnecessary frustrations.

Impact Of The Backlit Box

Technology has been advancing rapidly and so has lighting technology. There have been many advancements in lighting technology in recent years. Leading sign board manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai suggest that backlighting is not just versatile but also cheaper. Backlight solutions enable us to create attractive and creative lighting solutions for huge retail and exhibition stands. The impact of backlighting is such that it brings 40% more attention to the message. Backlit solutions are perfect for large trade shows and exhibitions as it is easier to spot the message from a long distance to make audiences curious about the stand. 

Backlighting is more impactful when it is dark. A little ambient detracting will light the large spaces like trade shows and exhibition stands. Using backlights will minimize unwanted shadows. The lights are positioned in such a way that it diffuses shadows however harsh they could be. Rear lit boxes will give better attention to viewers from both sides. Backlighting will kill traditional lighting and 2D flat images keeping us ahead of competitors.

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