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A Complete Guide On Backlit Glow Sign Board

The Backlit Glow Sign Board Explained

Advertising has inadvertently changed and evolved over time. We can say that lighting revolutionized and changed the way we advertise and create signage. Lighting has enabled businesses to attract attention no matter whatever time of the day. Illuminated sign boards have a whole new opportunity to grab people’s eyes and it is still the most popular form of advertising even today ever since its introduction in the 1800s. Backlit glow sign boards display graphics of any type or print which are designed to be viewed with a source of light behind it. We are the best sign board manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai who are passionate about creating unique and stunning sign boards that make your business stand out. 

Backlit signs offer great means to increase visibility as they stand out and have the message read by audiences at day or night. Backlit signs consist of two components, a printed graphics and a light source. We have many different types of graphic styles and lightboxes that make for unique backlit signs. To choose the right type of lightbox, we need to consider the graphic size, location and the expected longevity of the signboard.

Sign Board Manufacturers in Chennai Explain Different Backlit Glow Sign Boards Used

We ascertain the need of a client at Chennai and other regions before fixing the type of lightboxes and the printing material. The most commonly used light boxes are:

  • Fluorescent
  • LED 
  • Edge-lit LED 

Standard fluorescent tubes are used to light the graphic on a fluorescent light box. In this type, the light is evenly spread across the graphic and does not cause any diffusion or hot spots. These light boxes are deep enough to house lamps. It is most commonly used as an exterior sign board in front of retail stores, hotels and shelter homes. LED light boxes are the most popular option as they save energy and are also exceptionally bright. It can create hotspots of lights without any diffusion. To spread the light without causing hotspots, it requires additional diffusers or a deeper box. An edge-lit LED box will have LED lights as a border around the framed. It causes the LED to diffuse and disperse light evenly across the graphic. It is a popular choice for retail sign boards as they can be made very thin, use very little power and are quite inexpensive.

Exquisite Backlit Exterior Signs of a popular Restaurant in Chennai

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Backlit sign boards come with different types of material to print your graphics. Some of the popularly used choices are:

  • Backlit paper – it is a thin, translucent and inexpensive paper which is printed on latex roll or UV curing flatbed making it a preferred choice for short term use.  
  • Printable film – A thin plastic sheet such as polypropylene or styrene will make a great translucent and durable sign for theatres, transit signs and mall displays.
  • Photographic transparency film – It is mostly used as indoor signs as it has poor lightfastness when it is exposed to sunlight. But the image quality is high and it cons at a very high price. 
  • Inkjet backlit film – It is less expensive and has great light fastness and hence can be used as indoor or outdoor signs. It is coated with an ink-receptive layer and has a high-resolution latex printer. 
  • Vinyl/Fabric backlit – It is used for grand signage that is printed on inkjet printers with latex or solvent ink. The printed sheets can be easily rolled and shipped making it a great choice for retail stores. 
  • Adhesive-backed Translucent Vinyl – The graphics are usually mounted to a Lexan or acrylic. It is considered the best signage for permanent use.

Tips For An Impactful Backlit Glow Sign Board

If we want to create impactful backlit signs, we need to understand the requirement before creating the backlit signboards. Signboard manufacturers in Chennai suggest that we ask ourselves a few questions before starting the design of the sign. The questions are:

  • What is the need for the sign?
  • Where will you install the sign?
  • What is the budget for the sign?

A goal should be defined before you start the planning phase. With creativity, there are endless possibilities. Understanding the purpose of the signs will help you narrow down the design. Lighting is pretty versatile and manufacturers can design it the way we want based on your requirement. 

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