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Backlit Sign Box: A Trendy Solution For Outdoor Advertising

Promote Business With Backlit Sign Box

One of the most common sights on a commercial road in a city like Chennai is the backlit glow sign box. It is one of the most widely used advertising mediums adorning the facades of hotels, high-end boutiques, fancy restaurants, bars, clubs, hospitals, and any other commercial or private outlet you can think of. Backlit boxes possess a visual appeal that generates better footfall which results in increased sales. In this article, we unravel the advantages of using backlit signage to promote your business and garner more customers. 

But before that, we explain the details of a backlit signboard. 

What Is A Backlit Sign Box?

A typical backlit sign box is a frame that is equipped with LED lights. These LED lights are fitted all across the back panel and are designed to face the graphic. With electricity supply, the entire board lights up, allowing the backlit graphic frame to be brightly lit with an evenly distributed intensity of light. Signboard designers use aluminium, Lexan and acrylic to make bespoke backlit signage that lends an aesthetic value to the signboard. 

Backlit sign boards are a great accessory for commercial establishments in well-lit areas and for translucent poster material. Although they guzzle up a lot of energy, they are far more profitable in terms of investment.

Advantages Of Backlit Sign Boxes Listed By Sign Board Designers In Chennai

Strategically placed backlit signboards can wow the observer with their dazzling brightness and bold messages. With the potential to provide the brightest illumination, they are ideal for large format installations that need to stand out in a crowd of signboards. Backlit sign boxes are a designer’s delight and an owner’s pride because of the plethora of benefits they come with. Let’s get to explore what they are.

Backlit sign boards have unmatched visibility

It is the natural tendency of the human eye to be drawn towards the brightest object in the night sky. Going by this fact, backlit advertisements and name boards effortlessly become the most noticeable signage because of their outstanding luminosity. Businesses that thrive in crowded commercial areas have a massive advantage in terms of customer acquisition because once these iridescent name boards are spotted that are hard to miss!  Bespoke backlit boards provide more exposure with their extraordinary brilliance that can be spotted even during day time. 

Upgraded Exposure Of Brand And Business

The quality of the signboard is a direct reflection of the quality of the business. This is a perception that most customers believe in. Backlit signage is a symbol of flamboyance that portrays the essence of a business. They effortlessly become a prominent landmark because of their visual appeal, which increases footfall and brings in more potential customers.

Outdoor backlit box desined for pharmacy

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Outstanding Illumination And  ROI

Sign board designers in cities like Chennai recommend backlit signage to other options even though they are slightly more expensive. A single backlit sign board has the potential to draw crowds more than what multiple signage is capable of. Hence, they prove to be a worthwhile expenditure with the capacity to generate more Return of Investment during their lifespan. 

Besides, with the potential to provide up to 7000 lumens, there is nothing that can match the impact of backlit signage that will keep the business name illuminated 24/7. 

Easier Maintenance And Eco-friendly

Backlit signage is far easier to maintain when compared to other choices like neon boards and edge-lit sign boards. They are a lifetime investment that does not require any fussy maintenance procedures, which is why most people prefer them. They seldom need to be replaced and are easy to clean. Backlit signs use less power than other sign boards. Besides, LED lights do not give off obnoxious gases because they do not contain hazardous elements that pollute the environment. 

Double-sided Visibility

Backlit sign boxes can be designed to be two-sided. A single sign board, when illuminated with a hundred LED lights, faces either side of the road, it provides double the visibility and exposure. Pedestrians and avid window shoppers are sure to notice the signage from both sides, which simply means that there are more chances of them entering the establishment.

Get An Impressive Range Of Choices From VK Signage, Chennai

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