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What Is The Basic Difference Between A Backlit Light Box And An Electric Sign

Backlit Light Box Vs. Electric Sign

The names alone are enough to invoke confusion among customers who are seeking options for their sign boards. Most people interchange the backlit light sign board for an electric sign and vice versa because the general opinion is that both operate on electricity. Going by the idea that all sign boards that are powered by electricity can be called electric sign boards, and all cabinets that display a sheet of backlit graphic can be termed lightboxes, we need to define them both with more clarity. 

The basic difference between both signages is this: Any electrically powered sign can be called an electric sign. But only the signage with a backlit film can be called a backlit light box. 

Expert sign board manufacturers in Chennai categorize both signages with defining differences that will be explained elaborately in this article.

Materials Used To Manufacture A Backlit Light Box And An Electric Sign Board

Let’s commence with the most basic factor: the choice of manufacturing material.

Backlit light box:

  • Aluminium is the top choice for manufacturing backlit light boxes. 
  • Extruded aluminium is considered to be more rigid and aesthetic in appearance. 
  • Aluminium is also used for its flexibility.
  • It is a cost-effective option for large backlit boxes that need to cover the entire facades of showrooms. 
  • Acrylic is another widely used material. 
  • Both acrylic and aluminium provide the rigidity that is crucial for backlit light boxes. 

Electric signs:

  • Electric signs are constructed out of steel, wood, plastic, flexible canvas, or vinyl. 
  • Steel is the first choice for large electric signs that are mounted on buildings and highways. 
  • Acrylic and polycarbonate plastics with varying degrees of flexibility and durability are also used.
  • Flexible canvas-like material is used to design lightweight electric signs that have an architectural 3-D effect.
  • Hand-cut vinyl signs are most suitable for smaller and compact electric signage.
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Graphic Updating For Both Signage

Backlit lightbox:

As a lifetime investment, backlit signage is usually chosen because their design allows for frequent replacement of graphics. This option comes handy for businesses that want to change their signage to announce seasonal discounts and promotions. Backlit signs are manufactured with a quick option to access and change the graphic without tools. 

Electric signs:

Unless the entire sign board is taken down, there is no way of changing the graphic on an electric sign. Electric signs are permanent fixtures that are designed for long-term display of a name or logo.

Simplicity Of Design 

Backlit lightbox:

Lightboxes are restricted to rectangular or square shapes. This enables efficient mass production, which brings down the cost of labour. With restriction to shapes, customization can be done only with the graphics to suit the requirement of the client. 

Electric signs:

Electric signs are extremely versatile when it comes to customization of shapes and designs. They can be die-cut or laser cut to take up the shape of a particular name or logo. Electric signs can be enhanced with visually appealing custom-design features and fittings.

Security Of The Graphic

Backlit lightbox:

Sandwiched snuggly between two lenses, the graphic inside a lightbox remains securely fixed until it needs to be replaced or updated with a new graphic. This can be done easily with the help of flip edges, snap frames, slide frames or simple hinged doors. The lenses remain intact and do not require replacement if they are handled carefully. 

Electric signs:

A simple electric sign requires only one translucent lens layer that makes them simple, yet durable. But if they are designed with backlit films, the printed film must be glued to the lens. This renders the lens useless for multiple graphics.

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Visual Appeal and Viewing Distance

Backlit lightbox:

Lightboxes are intended for close-up viewing. They are visually stunning and have the potential to increase visibility and capture the attention of the viewer with their luminosity. 

Electric signs

Electric signs have a better viewing distance, but when it comes to visual appeal, they do not stand a chance with backlit light boxes.

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