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Add a glam quotient to your brand with mind-blowing glow signboards in Chennai.
Informative Outdoor Backlit Sign Box of Computer Solutions Company in Chennai

Draw Attention With Backlit Glow Signboard

Be it in the busy streets of Chennai or the most hip and happening malls of India, capturing the attention of the preoccupied crowd is not as easy as it might seem to be! But, not anymore!

The glow sign boards have that irresistible allure which is too hard to ignore! They steal attention and make it linger there! It helps you to drive traffic and increase sales in the glimpse of an eye.

The 3D metal cuboid frames illuminated with bright tube lights and strengthened with sturdy metal sheets are the perfect business partner you need! It can be lit up in vibrant colours and accentuated with stunning light diffusion techniques.

VK Signage, Chennai offers single side wall mount backlit boxes, single-sided boards on poles, single/double side hanging boxes, and also double-sided lollipop signs to brand your products and services the right way. Be it an indoor or outdoor advertising need; backlit signage is the way to go!

Recent Backlit Glow Signboard Works In Chennai

Types Of Backlit Glow Signboards

Your Choice Is Our Delight

Single-Sided Backlit box

Custom Single Sided Backlit box of computer solutions company in Chennai

Say no to shadows and hot spots! Go for single-sided backlit boxes to get that even, smooth and attractive illumination effects! Just snap it open, change the poster & snap it close!

Benefits :
Easy To Use & Customize
Glowing Brightness
Less Energy Consumption

Double-Sided Lollipop board

Vibrant Double Sided Lollipop Sign Board designed for famous meat and fish shop in Chennai

Get twice the advertising appeal with double-sided lollipop board! Place it at a road intersection, in front of a shop or any busy street and capture attention from both directions.

Benefits :
Front & Back Visibility
Easy To Customize
Maximum Space Utilization

Striking Features Of Glow Signboards

Strike the right chord with your branding! Let your backlit glow signboards do the talking!

Quick Compatibility

Our backlit sign boxes are easily compatible to meet any of your external or internal advertising needs.

Always Visible

Our sign board design comes with eye-catching illumination and superior clarity. So be it the pitch dark night or a bright sunny morning, your store will always stay in the spotlight!

Easily Customizable

Whatever be your backlit signage need, we customise your signs in the shapes, sizes and colours of your choice! You can wall-mount or hang the lightboxes as per your need.

Superior Durability

We assure you unmatched durability, quality and perfection by using premium quality raw materials.

Hassle-Free Installation

At VK Signage, Chennai, we custom design your backlit box in such a way that it exactly fits in your space without any hassles! So, installation can also be done in a matter of minutes.

Effortless Maintenance

Maintaining the backlit letters are just a piece of cake! Our glow signboards need little or no maintenance at all! So, sit back and enjoy the attention!
Thinking Of Ways To Boost Your Brand in Chennai?

Glow Sign Boards Are Your Answer!

What can be a better way to drive traffic and higher engagement than using stunning backlit illuminated displays? Go for it from leading sign makers in India!

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Exquisite Backlit Exterior Signs of a popular Restaurant in Chennai


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Let’s get talking about your signage requirements. Your brand deserves all the recognition in the world, and we are here to help you get it.
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