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ACP Signboard: Its Contribution To The Evolution of Signage

From simple cardboard paper boards to tin boards to digital sign boards, signage has undergone several stages of evolution. The evolution stems not only from the need to have something different and innovative but also from the realization about the real business value they carry. With the advent of Aluminum Composite Panels, the evolution process has just entered a better curve.

The ACP signboard has forced flex and vinyl signage to the backstage. This revolutionary material is packed with attributes that promise only the best for the designer and the client. ACPs are instrumental in creating eye-catching signage and stunning facades that play a significant role in changing the very identity of the building.

This article elaborates on the role of ACP signboards in the evolution of signage and how it has come to withstand competition from other materials.

Aluminum Composite Panels: A small introduction

ACPs are simple in design. Its main component is Aluminum, which is abundantly available. This is one of the major reasons why ACPs are much cheaper than other materials. A single ACP panel has an aluminium core that is sandwiched between two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets. The thickness of these sheets ranges from 1mm to 8mm. While most industries and businesses prefer 3 to 4mm sheets, thicker sheets are required for signage that needs to be installed in high-rise buildings.

ACP Signboard: Reasons for their growing popularity

ACP came into existence when flex signboards were shown the door. It became instantly popular with many industrial sectors that were looking for a more cost-effective option with visual appeal. ACPs were the perfect package, and they still are. Today, in cities like Chennai, ACP signboards are a ubiquitous sight.

Exterior ACP Sign board personalized for popular Fashion store in Chennai

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Signboard manufacturers attribute the enormous popularity of signboards to various reasons:

  • ACP is durable and comes with a lifespan of at least 10 years, with minimum maintenance.
  • They are lightweight and easy to install, with no need for heavy, expensive machinery.
  • Installed outdoors, they can withstand all harsh extremities of weather.
  • They are recyclable and reusable and hardly cause any environmental damage.
  • There are endless options of finishes, textures and colours, leaving designers spoiled for choice.
  • It’s aesthetics and visual appeal make it more popular with high-end stores.
  • ACP allows us to add positive features like fire-resistance and fungal resistance properties.
  • It’s CNC compatibility allows us to create more accurate and finer images, letters or logos.

Signboard Manufacturers Prefer ACP: Why?

An industry statistic says that more than 20% of the manufactured ACP sheets are supplied to the signage designers and suppliers. But the initial demand was created by the clients who preferred ACP for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. ACP does not require fancy raw materials. When compared to flex, ACPs cost is slightly higher. But customers are willing to pay for a solution that is long-lasting. Besides, ACP can be customized as per the demand of the client, which makes it a top choice for brand building. The visual appeal, style, and contemporary glamour it adds to the signboards are simply unmatched. Installation and dismantling of ACP signboards is an easy process that doesn’t call for heavy-skilled labour.

Commercial Sectors That Contribute To The Popularity of ACP Signage

ACP signage has found itself a huge list of clientele in various sectors. With the addition of innovative designs and textures, manufacturers are expecting more industries to welcome ACP signage as a perpetual solution. The list of sectors that use ACP signage for brand building include:

  • Banking
  • Hospitality sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Telecommunications
  • Public utility centres
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial centres

Raising The Bar With ACP Signboards in Chennai

How are sign board manufacturers in Chennai planning to step up things with ACP signage? The ideas are many:

  • Combining digital signage with ACP sheets.
  • Using ACP with LED or video walls.
  • Designing signage with hairline joints for a seamless look.
  • Design detailing for customized signage.
  • Weather-proofing, fire-proofing and protection from mold from the very stage of fabrication.
  • 2D and 3D textural finishing for a futuristic look.

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