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Why do ACP Signage Manufacturers Prefer ACP for sign board?

Aluminium Composite Panels: The Choice of ACP Signage Manufacturers

From commercial establishments to private homes, everyone wants an exterior facade that will create an everlasting impression and identity. In recent times, Aluminium Composite Panels or ACP is the first choice for designers, architects and ACP signage manufacturers whose prime intention is to infuse charm with a unique exterior look.

The use of ACP for sign boards is profound, especially in a city like Chennai where the exterior look of commercial establishments matters as much as the interior. Choosing ACP for signage is a win-win situation for the manufacturer and the client because the material has a plethora of benefits. In this article, we explore what makes ACP such a popular and in-demand material.

From small towns to mega cities, commercial establishments are bedecked with ACP signage, logos and letters of unimaginable shapes and sizes. ACP’s wide recognition stems from the numerous facts that make it a wonder material.

  • Aluminium is fireproof and does not burn easily or emit hazardous smoke and gases. This easily makes ACP the top choice for interior signage. 
  • ACP sheets that are specifically manufactured for signage tend to be lightweight, which makes installation a hassle-free process. 
  • For exterior facades, ACP can easily cover the entire surface at a lesser price than having it painted. 
  • ACP sheets do not melt under the blazing sun, nor do they fall prey to rust due to  incessant rainfall.  
  • They are super strong and do not tend to break easily.
  • ACP sheets are stain-resistant, which makes maintenance an easy task.
  • ACP sheets are available in a multitude of colours, finishes and textures.
  • It is the cheapest and most budget-friendly option for signage designers. 
Classification of different finishes of ACP sheets in sign boards

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Guidelines to choose the right ACP sheets for your signboards

As a rule of thumb, a sign board designer follows these guidelines to zero in on the perfect ACP sheet for creating ACP sign boards:

  • ACP sheets are available in double and triple layers, so the choice depends on the area of application. 
  • The colour and overall theme of the building is a valid point to be taken into consideration.
  • Will the sign board be used inside or outside the building?
  • Choosing textural finishes and colours based on the theme of the business or brand. 

Aluminium Composite Panels are a designer’s delight. Under the deft supervision of technicians, these boards can morph into the most captivating signage that spell sophistication and contemporary appeal. 

Colours Galore

Composite panels can be customized to any hue and colour of the client’s choice. 

  • Clients can choose from a variety of Zinc, Copper and brush colours.
  • Zinc colours are available in shades of blue, red, orange, grey, Anthra and Quartz.
  • Wooden ACP sheets are also available in a wide array of light and dark hues to match the interiors or exteriors.

Modern Appeal

There’s nothing that matches the beauty of an ACP signage that can be modern, stylish and elegant.

  • Blocky designs with flat roofs.
  • Contemporary geometric designs.
  • Abstract designs.
  • Simple classic designs 


The versatility of ACP sheets allows manufacturers to customize sign boards with exceptional creativity. The routing properties of ACP sheets allows it to be moulded into any conceivable shape:

  • Convex
  • Concave
  • Diamond
  • Dome
  • Abstract 

Finishes include:

  • Wood bark
  • Natural stone
  • 3D
  • Marble
  • Teak texture
  • Matte finish
  • High-gloss finish
  • Metallic shades
  • Stone finish
  • Brush finish
  • Rustic wood finish
  • Sand finish
  • Mirror finish

VK Signage: Chennai’s Most Reputed ACP Signage Manufacturers

Throughout the city of Chennai, ACP sign boards from VK Signage are conspicuous and omnipresent. We are the city’s leading sign board designer, catering to an endless list of clientele from diverse sectors of the society. With proven fabrication techniques and innovative ideas, we create bespoke ACP sign boards that are on par with international standards of excellence. With VK Signage, you get more than just ACP sign boards.

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