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Aluminium Composite Panels: A Boon For The Sign Board Industry

The sign board and the building industry has a new kid on the block - the Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP, which is also making waves in the architectural and interior designing sectors. What is ACP? Aluminium Composite Panel is a sustainable alloy made of rubber and aluminium and a few other materials like low-density polyethylene and mineral core.

Traditionally, ACP had a strong footing in the aviation industry. Currently, it is one of the main raw materials used in a wide variety of sectors. Its convenience in construction has given ACP a great start, with ACP sign board dealers and manufacturers using it to fabricate an entire spectrum of bespoke signages.

The signage industry is witnessing a big revolution with ACP sheets replacing unsustainable and expensive material used to construct sign boards and name boards. ACP signage is omnipresent in big cities like Chennai where it has found its application across a wide spectrum of businesses.

What makes ACP the most preferred choice are its noticeable features:

  • They are rigid and strong enough to be used even as external cladding in skyscrapers.
  • ACP sheets are extremely durable and built to withstand harsh climatic conditions.
  • Their superior flexibility makes it easy to cut, drill, mould and punch into a myriad of shapes.
  • They have high resistance to fungi and termite.
  • ACP is available in  3mm, 4mm and 6mm with aluminium coil thickness varying from 0.5mm to 0.12 mm. 
  • ACP has 80% recyclable components, making it a great choice for environmental sustainability.
Varied colors of ACP boards stacked

The Advantages Of Using ACP Sign Boards As Listed By The Best ACP Sign Board Dealers

Among the list of materials used for designing and constructing signboards, ACP has a clear lead over the others because it comes with a plethora of advantages for the designer and the user. Given below is a well-analyzed explanation that tells us why ACP is winning the race:

Super flexibility

The flexibility of ACP sheets is legendary because aluminium is one of its main components. ACP can be moulded to almost anything that fits a designer’s fancy. They can be designed as flat or curved panels, folded or bent and cut, drilled and punched.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning aluminium composite panels is as easy as child’s play. Since these panels have great water-resistant properties, they offer hassle-free maintenance that can be done with a simple soap solution.

High durability

The best thing about ACP sheets is that they are completely rust free. Hence, even with minimum maintenance, they will last for years. They are also resistant to dust, termites and fungal growth. 

Cost-effective and versatile

What makes ACP sign boards an appealing cost-effective option is the availability of its basic component - Aluminium. The availability and abundance of aluminium make ACP sheets  cheaper than other materials. 


ACP sign boards are almost incomparable in versatility because ACP sheets are available in a wide range of colours, and finishes like wood, stone, sand, etc. Being extremely malleable, they can be moulded to make signboards of any shapes and sizes. 


Aluminium composite sign boards are absolutely fire-proof because aluminium itself is fire-resistant. Hence, it does not burn easily or release harmful gases. Manufactured with the right core, ACP sheets exhibit fire resistance, making them perfect for indoor signage. 

User’s delight

ACP sign boards are naturally aesthetic because of their visual appeal and flawless finish. They exude a contemporary style and are available in a wide variety of colours and textures. ACP sign boards are lightweight, which makes them easy to assemble and dismantle in case they need to be taken down and reused after renovation.

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Stunning ACP Sign Boards From VK Signage: The Best ACP Sign Board Dealers

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