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ACP Board Designers Define various applications of ACP Panels

ACP Board Designers Define ACP

ACP is the material that has taken the centre stage for modern and contemporary architectural designs. ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panel, which is a great example of a sandwich panel with three layers. A single ACP sheet is made of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a polymer core. Aluminium makes the sheet supremely versatile, flexible and malleable. The core is made of LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene. The thickness of the outer aluminium sheets may vary, with panels of different thickness being used for various purposes.

When it comes to modern and trendy sign boards, ACP sign board designers have a clear advantage over others because of the popularity and demand of ACP. With an unlimited number of patterns, textures, colours and finishes that are now available, ACP panels are a top contender for various applications. Let us explore the diverse ways in which ACP has made itself indispensable.

The Various Applications of ACP

ACP is a wonder material. It is flexible, sustainable, widely available, cheap, easy to maintain and easy to install. It is no wonder that ACP is the first choice for many industrial sectors, especially the signage industry in Chennai. Take a look at the various uses of ACP:

ACP for signboards

ACP is every sign board designer’s best friend. These flexible sheets are used to forge and fabricate the most alluring sign boards that are used across a wide range of sectors like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, salons, resorts, boutiques, eateries, malls, and whatnot. 

ACP sign boards are preferred because they can withstand the harsh elements of nature, which makes it ideal for outdoor display. 

ACP for false ceilings

The polyethylene core of the ACP sheet acts as a heat-proof agent, which makes it an ideal choice for erecting false ceilings that help to regulate the temperature of the room. By providing ample insulation, the use of ACP also reduces the use of active heating systems. ACP panels are also known to reflect very less heat into the environment when compared to glass sheets. 

ACP for cladding

The durability, robustness and flexibility of ACP makes it a superb choice for cladding interior and exterior architecture. It has effectively replaced paint, which was widely used to spruce up the facade of a building. ACP sheets are now being used even for skyscrapers to add an aesthetic value. 

ACP for partitions

With a few ACP sheets, construction teams can easily alter a single commercial space into multiple cubicles that can be used as office space. Owing to the ease of handling and maintenance, ACP is the prime choice when it comes to optimizing the use of space. Dismantling them is as easy as unscrewing the rivets or screws, in case the user wants to vacate the building. 

ACP for home interiors

ACP sheets have replaced concrete, wood and other expensive material that were once reigning supreme for the creation of home interiors. Currently, ACP is being used for:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Dining room cabinets
  • False ceilings in rooms
  • False ceiling in bathrooms
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Wardrobes.

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Why do sign board dealers prefer ACP?

ACP has firmly established its reign across various industrial sectors, toppling materials that were once in great demand. What makes Aluminium Composite Panels the prime choice for sign board manufacturers, dealers and suppliers? 

  • They are cheap and easily procurable because their main component Aluminium is available in abundance.
  • Their malleability allows them to be designed to any shape of logos, letters and sign boards.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Can be easily installed and dismantled.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • They are rust-proof and can withstand harsh weather elements. 
  • Their fire-resistance capacity makes them ideal for manufacturing indoor signage.
Assorted colors of ACP sheet and illustration of 4mm thick ACP board

VK Signage: Chennai’s top-notch ACP board designers

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