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ACP Sign Boards
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Stun them with stellar ACP sign boards in Chennai and win them as loyal customers!

ACP Name Board customized for famous fashion outlet

Every ACP Board In Chennai Begins With Us

VK Signage is your ultimate one-stop destination for any ACP sign board you need. Shops, commercial complexes, offices, campuses, theatres, or more, all ACP sign boards begin with us! If you are a business in Chennai, then ACP sign boards are your lifeblood. Made with aluminium composite panels, our signage makes use of bright acrylic letters to catch the every-wandering eye of your customers. Our signage applications encompass a whole range, including but not limited to ACP led board, ACP glow sign board, and ACP name board. We supply a complete solution from regular ACP boards used for shop or brand names to warning signs.

Recent Works

ACP Sign Board With Unmatched Quality

With VK Signage, you get the promise of top-notch quality, advanced techniques, and long shelf life.

Designer Sign Boards

Colourful with a range of shapes, every VK Signage sign board is made for instant attention. We do you one better and offer customised ACP boards too!

Guaranteed Visibility
Every ACP sign board we make comes with the promise of high visibility even from great distances.
Easy To Install, Easy To Maintain
We know that no business in Chennai can afford even an hour of disruption. So, we make ACP boards easy and quick to install and maintain.
We make your signage with aluminium not just because it is light-weight and environment-friendly. It is also very light on the pocket and premium quality too!
Durable & Flexible
Our ACP letters, once mounted on a sign, remain forever. The finish we give them makes them absolutely durable and flexible! The composite panels can be lengthened or shrunk to fit the size in your mind!

Enrich your business image With VK Signage!

Go for ACP Sign boards that enriches your brand image and takes your business one level up by attracting your customer's attention!

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ACP Sign board designed for popular Fashion Outlet

ACP Signboard FAQs

What is an ACP glow sign board?

An ACP glow sign board is signage made from aluminium composite panels. The aluminium makes them very cost-effective because the material is exceptionally affordable. A glow sign made with ACP is one that lights up, making the signage more visible during the night.

How are ACP boards made?

Think of ACP as a sandwich. The two pieces of bread in the sandwich are thin layers of aluminium panels. In between these aluminium panels is a core made of thermoplastic. The middle layer of thermoplastic is composed of HDPE and LDPE.

What does LDPE stand for?

The full form of LDPE is Low-Density Polyethylene. The core of an ACP name board is a thermoplastic. It is partly made of LDPE and partly HDPE, which is high-density polyethylene. Together, they form the core of an aluminium composite panel or ACP.

Is an ACP signage flammable?

Yes, ACPs are flammable. The core material used in an ACP board is a thermoplastic. The polymer is not resistant to fire. Moreover, the primary metal in ACP is aluminium which has a low melting point. At VK Signage, we make the LED boards resistant to fire by using MDH and ATH compounds along with a core PVDF or FEVE material.

How long will you take to install an ACP board?

We don’t take very long to install an ACP name board. If you opt for 2D letters, they will be up in less than 3 days. If you choose a 3D led board, then it may take up to 15 days. Irrespective of the time, we make sure that your business in Chennai doesn’t suffer.

How can I prevent the paint from peeling away from the ACP board?

The main reasons for the paint to peel off from the ACP are contamination of the coil, improper routing, and incorrect cutting. We make sure that none of the three occurs. You can take a further step to prevent paint peel by cleaning the sign regularly and adequately.

How should I clean the ACP signs to keep them bright?

While ACP boards are made for durability, it is also better to clean them regularly to remove collected dust and debris. You can do it using freshwater. For stubborn stains, use a mild solution of soap. Then wipe off the letter with a soft cotton cloth.

Are ACP sign boards scratch proof?

To check if an ACP board is scratch proof or not, a pencil hardness test is done. Most ACP boards remain resistant to scratches till 4H. The highest level in the test is 6H, which makes ACPs above average when it comes to scratches.

Are your ACP boards waterproof?

We make sure that the joints of the ACP sheets are carefully sealed. This ensures that all our signage is thoroughly waterproof. So, if you are worried about water penetrating the sign during monsoon season in Chennai, rest assured that it won’t!

How can I make my ACP sign board more attractive?

The best way to make your sign board more attractive is to use an ACP LED board. They catch the eye fastest. You can also use designer letters in your sign board or even glow boards. We offer different designs and shapes to ensure that you get the most out of the ACP sign.
ACP Sign Boards - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


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