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Best Tips To Have Shining And Clean ACP Panels

ACP Panelling For A Great Facade

High rise building, companies and large organizations are now having aesthetically modern and high tech designs. Architectural excellence and cutting edge technology when combined with ACP panelling has given many of these buildings an exquisite look. ACP facades are now a common sight in cities and urban areas. We are the leading signboard designers in Chennai who have years of experience and follow proven processes to create stunning designs. ACP panels are the most popular panel system used to create panel systems for buildings. 

Due to many factors like low maintenance, cost-effectiveness and versatility ACP panels are chosen over many other cladding materials. Low maintenance is one important factor as ACP panels are not easily susceptible to damages and are easy to clean. But we must keep them clean like any other parts of a building. Buildings are constantly exposed to pollution, dust, acid rains and other harsh weather that will slowly deteriorate the material and the look of the panels. Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep these panels clean and shiny. This will increase the longevity and improve the durability of the panels. 

Best Sign Board Designers In Chennai Explain The Process Of Cleaning ACP Panels

Regular cleaning is one way to increase the lifespan of the cladding material and its lustrous look. We advise our customers at Chennai to have a regular gentle cleansing of ACP panels to maintain it well. A water rinse with a soft sponge is the first step we need to do for removing stains. If the stains are stubborn we should dilute neutral detergent with water. ACP panels that are used in the exteriors will quickly accumulate dust and other deposits. Such dirt can be cleaned only with water. We can also use a mild soap solution and a soft cotton cloth to clean. Any mild detergent with a ph level of 8 can be used for this purpose. Finally, we should clean the panels with clean water and wipe it off with a non-abrasive cloth. 

ACP panels should be cleaned when there is a normal temperature. When it is too cold or too hot the panels will dry quickly along with the dirt on the surface. High rise exterior wall panels require special cleaning methods as outlined here.

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  • Determine the type of tools and cleaning agent based on the height of the building and the depth of stains and dusts accumulated.
  • Do a cleaning test before the actual cleaning.
  • Develop a plan for the cleaning operation. 
  • Carry external wall cleaning tools and cleaning agents.
  • Install flushing hose, connect a high-pressure washing machine to a power supply and water source. 
  • Test the effect of the water gun. 
  • The staff must wear work suits.
  • Work from top to bottom.
  • Tools, cleaning agents and others must be placed in a gondola or a hanging plate. 
  • A safety fence or a warning sign must be placed on the ground to keep away the pedestrians. 
  • Have a guardianship on the roof and ground.
  • Test the call tool before starting the process to keep in touch with the rest of the team.
  • Once cleaning is done, clean the tools and equipment, evacuate the protection fence and warning sign and clean the ground.

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Things To Avoid While Cleaning ACP Panels

Experienced sign designers in Chennai feel that a regular cleansing process will maintain the finish of the ACP sheets. We will be able to maintain the quality of the material by removing aggressive dirt. We must decide the cleansing interval based on the environment condition. A building in a dusty and polluted city will call for more cleaning than a building in a serene, clean environment. ACP panels are coated with paints that can come off easily if we use harsh and abrasive cleaning agents and tools. This will spoil the ACP panels causing irreparable damage. We must employ proper cleaning methods else a simple cleaning will do more harm. We must also ensure that all the tools and cleaning equipment used are grit-free. The tools and equipment must be maintained in perfect condition and must be tested regularly.

When doors and window casings are cladded with aluminium, it will last as long as the building lasts. Aluminium composite panels should be waterproofed properly so water does not enter during rains and spoil the interior paints. A few disadvantages that we must be careful about are that they are susceptible to deformation and dents during hurricanes and storms. It is less resistant to UV rays and sometimes the colour will fade and will lose its shine slowly.

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