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ACP Cladding: Growing In Popularity In The Signage Industry

ACP Cladding: Growing In Popularity In The Signage Industry

Aluminum Composite Panels have come a long way despite the tough competition given by basic vinyl and flex boards and other popular choices. The evolution of the signage industry has been quite slow. In cities like Chennai, traditional and outdated signboard materials such as flex, acrylics and vinyl are preferred to other contemporary trends. There is limited clientele who opt for digital media signage because the cost is a major factor.

ACP Cladding holds a great significance in the current times, mainly because it fulfils two important criteria: maintenance and cost. The rise of ACPs from being a hardly known material to an important signage asset has been slow but steady. Designing signage with ACP is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although the material is available in a wide range of colours and textures, it takes an adequate understanding of its versatility and the brand to come up with the right design.

Components of Successful Retail Designing With ACP Signage

Retail designing of ACP cladding and ACP signage is determined by the 4 Ds:

  • Defining
    Defining is all about various aspects like the logo, the brand, the brand value, brand ethos, business history, target audience, business vision, mission, etc.
  • Designing
    It involves the designing of the signboard using a mood board based on the store type.
  • Deploying
    It is the integration of the brand language across all mediums.
  • Delivering
    It calls for coordination and collaboration between the brand’s team and the design team for optimized usage of online and offline spaces.

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The Change in Signage Trend in India

Evolution is a slow process. This fact is absolutely true for the signage industry. There are several reasons why business and industrial sectors have embraced ACP signage:

  • Customers are aware of the limitations of flex and vinyl boards.
  • There is an increasing awareness of contemporary materials like ACP and digital signage.
  • Customers are willing to pay for visually aesthetic signboards.
  • Brands have realized that signage can make or break a business.
  • Signage is a part of brand building, customer acquisition and communication.

How ACP Cladding benefits sign board manufacturers

Aluminum Composite Panels are a signage designer’s best friend. Signboard manufacturers have broken several myths that surrounded this versatile material. Initially, there were preconceived notions that ACPs were pricey and lacked innovative scope. But the scenario has changed for good, with unlimited options of ACPs available in the market. The material has plenty of other benefits too:

  • ACPs are long-lasting and built to withstand various extremities of weather.
  • Customization allows manufacturers to fabricate ACPs that are fire-proof and mould-proof.
  • ACP is extremely versatile in usage as it can be used for signage, cladding, and covering building facades. They also come in handy for creating false ceilings, insulating rooms, covering pillars, etc.
  • It offers a creative structure while maintaining a spectacular, contemporary appeal.
  • ACPs are eco-friendly in every possible way. They do not give off poisonous fumes in case there is a fire accident. They can be easily recycled without compromising on quality.
  • ACPs are extremely light in weight, which makes them easy to load, unload, transport and install.
  • They require very little maintenance and have a lifespan of at least 10 years.
Indoor ACP Cladding with Acrylic LED letters sign borad design

How Signboard Designers Make The Most of ACP

In Chennai, ACP Cladding is a common sight. They adorn the walls of high-rise residential complexes, malls, high-end restaurants, bars, boutiques, retail showrooms, flagship stores, corporate offices and hospitals.

ACP can also be seen in metro stations and other common utility areas. Interior designers have also joined the league and use textured ACP for designing modular kitchens, creative wall panels, and storage cabinets.

ACPs come with high-end viability, ready-to-install designs and customized designs, Hence, they are the top choice for various styles of corporate signage such as:

  • Free-standing signage
  • POP displays
  • Signboards
  • Billboards
  • Totems
  • Claddings for bus shelters

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