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ACP Panelling: The Aesthetic Face Of Swanky Architecture

ACP Panelling For A Great Facade

When it comes to the architectural aspects of a building, it’s not only what’s inside that counts, but the outside too. In fact, it is the facade that gives the first impression. If swanky corporate buildings, high-end hotels, restaurants and IT parks are stealing the limelight with their glitzy and glamorous building exteriors, the credit goes only to Aluminum Composite Panels.

ACP Panelling is the first choice of all architects to add that contemporary, sleek and subtle elegance. Comprising a non-aluminium core sandwiched between two thin aluminium coils, ACP sheets have completely revolutionized the designing of building exteriors. But that’s not all. Their versatility allows them to be used for cladding interiors, pillars, ceilings, and insulation.

In Chennai, ACP Panelling is omnipresent with the city’s urban landscape. To what makes them an architect’s first choice, we list down the interesting facts that define the efficient characteristics of ACP sheets.

Facts About ACP Panelling as Listed by Signboard Manufacturers

  • Environment-friendly
    Aluminium is one of the most easily recyclable materials in the world, which is why ACP sheets are reputed for their energy-efficiency and sustainability. They are used in energy-saving systems like solar power systems and photovoltaics. Upon replacement, discarded ACP sheets can be easily recycled without any loss of quality. In no way do they contribute to environmental pollution if they are discarded in a responsible manner.
  • Resilient and robust
    ACP sheets are endowed with robust physical properties that make them resilient to corrosion and weather extremities. They can withstand heat up to 80 degrees centigrade and face extreme cold weather too. These properties render them the apt choice for insulating buildings from heat, cold and noise.
  • Light in weight
    Another reason why ACP sheets are highly preferred is their lightness, especially when they are used for high-rise buildings. This makes them easy to transport, load, unload and install. They do not require any heavy machinery, extra manpower or time, which actually cuts down a lot of unnecessary budget allowances.
  • Non-toxicity
    There is a rising concern about the health issues faced by workers in marble factories due to their prolonged exposure to silica dust. But right from their manufacturing stage to their usage, ACP sheets are far better than most materials that pose several health hazards.
    Besides, ACP sheets are coated with high-quality lead and paints that do not release any harmful gases.
Outdoor ACP Cladding work for popular fashion store
  • Fire resistance
    ACP sheets are not fire-resistant by nature. But they can be made fire retardant right from the manufacturing stage. Fire retardant ACP sheets have a mineral core that is made of minerals like Magnesium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. This specially formulated core enables them to withstand damage due to fire.
  • Flexible choices
    There are endless possibilities with colours, styles, and finishes with ACP sheets. Designers can choose from shiny, glossy finish or matte, metallic, marble, wood, etc. The market is inundated with anti-scratch ACP sheets with glossy finishes in black, white and red shades. Wooden ACP panels are available in teak, pine and natural wood. Manufacturers are coming up with trending choices to create facades that are the cynosure of all eyes.

Effortless customization
ACP sheets are an architect's dream material because they can be customized into any colour, shape, design or texture. For people who prefer a cheaper version of wood or stone finishes for their building facade, ACP is the best option. Customization also includes the embedding of silver ions in the sheets to hinder the possible growth of bacteria and fungus.

From huge skyscrapers to unique hotels, ACP panelling has proved to be the most cost-effective answer for heat insulation. Until these sheets came into existence, buildings had to rely on expensive electric heating options. ACP panelling has made it possible to have a ventilated facade that allows air circulation and thermal insulation.

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