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Basics Of ACP Cladding Work

ACP Cladding Work For Exteriors

Cladding is work done on building materials where one material is used to cover or give a protective layer for the underlying material. It provides protection as well as enhances the look of the material as a whole. ACP cladding work protects the interiors of the building from various weather conditions like sunlight, wind, fire and snow. We are the best signboard manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai who have vast experience in the field of ACP cladding work. We have experience doing cladding work with aluminium composite panels but there are different types of materials used for cladding like laminate, tiles, glass, stone, brick, and fibre cement boards. 

Aluminium composite panels are most widely used as cladding material as it can be easily installed and maintained. It is made by bonding two aluminium sheets with non-aluminium material. This bonding material is a non-combustible thermoplastic. This provides good insulation and protects the home from the exterior environment and weather.

Sign Board Manufacturers In Chennai Explain The Advantages Of ACP Cladding Work

We have worked with many prestigious organizations and customers in Chennai and it is a proven fact that aluminium is the best material for cladding work. Aluminium is considered extremely useful than any other materials including paint. Some of the factors due to which aluminium is considered as the best cladding material are:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is safe
  • It is cost-effective
  • It is highly durable
  • It is flexible 
  • It is recyclable 

When we are using ACP for making panel systems, ease of installation is quite advantageous. The panels are cut in different sizes as required by the system. It can be easily fixed on the surface in the exterior or interior of the building. Aluminium provides a perfect and aesthetic solution as a facade. Paints can easily fade or catch dust. With aluminium cladding, there are no such issues. We can use a cloth to wipe off the dust accumulated on the panel. We can also wash the panels to remove dust. These panels will also last long.    

Front view of ACP Cladding signage

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Aluminium is non-combustible and safe to be used as a cladding material. Even in case of accidental fire, aluminium remains fireproof and does not release toxic fumes or gases. Therefore, aluminium cladding work is not harmful to the environment and the inhabitants of the building. ACP cladding is quite cost-effective and gives us the value for money. The materials are available at a low cost and can last long justifying the cost of installation and maintenance. 

Ideal cladding materials should last long. Aluminium is durable and strong. It is stain and weather resistant. The anti-corrosive property makes it last long even during inclement weather conditions. Materials with low durability will not be able to withstand extreme climatic conditions and might have to be changed regularly. Aluminium is recyclable and quite flexible. It is easy to melt and bend aluminium into any shape. It is widely used by architects to make special designs. Aluminium can be melted again into many shapes without losing quality.

Where Do We Use ACP Cladding Work?

The best sign board manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai choose aluminium over any other material for cladding as it can be used effectively and efficiently over any surface. ACP is used as wall cladding, door and window cladding and as panel systems. Cladding is used as an external facade which is completely aesthetic and gives a great look. There are other popular cladding materials like titanium, steel, copper and zinc. The lightweight property of aluminium is one big reason architects use it for designer facades.

When doors and window casings are cladded with aluminium, it will last as long as the building lasts. Aluminium composite panels should be waterproofed properly so water does not enter during rains and spoil the interior paints. A few disadvantages that we must be careful about are that they are susceptible to deformation and dents during hurricanes and storms. It is less resistant to UV rays and sometimes the colour will fade and will lose its shine slowly.

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