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The best Sign Board Manufacturers and Dealers in Chennai brings to you sturdy and durable aluminium composite panels armed with the latest technology, great looks and exquisite finishes! The ACP panels are the right choice for both exterior and interior advertising needs of your brand, all thanks to its stunning looks, vibrant colours and the robust finish.

The primary benefit of our ACP cladding sheet is that it is available in varying sizes, shapes and specifications as per your need. It makes the towering skyscrapers look as if it was made using metal and gives it a plain surface area to advertise or display your brand. Even if it is not used for advertising, it still provides a sleek appearance and helps in eliminating the need to use any exterior paint.

The ACP panel is made up of materials like wood, fibre, plastic composite materials, glass and ceramic, to name a few. If used in the right way, the ACP panelling can help in augmenting the style quotient of your building facade with ease!

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ACP Panelling Features With Finesse

Take a quick glance at the impressive features of our ACP cladding services in Chennai.

Resistant To Weather

The ACP panels can easily withstand high temperatures and are therefore highly resistant to sunlight. It also offers excellent protection against strong winds and pouring rains.

Easy To Install

The ACP cladding sheets can be easily installed without any hassles. Even if it is a new structure or a renovation work for an old building, an ACP panel is the easiest to use.

Easy Maintenance

The aluminium composite panels can be handled with ease. You can just wipe it with a cloth to remove any dust or dirt sticking on it.


If you are looking for a cost-effective advertising solution, then look no further than ACP claddings! It even offers premium thermal comfort, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Forever Durable

Our ACP cladding sheets are weather-resistant, stain-resistant and highly durable. They are the strong barriers your building structure needs!

Safe & Secure

The ACP panels offer fireproof protection! The signage will not burn as it is made up of aluminium. Also, it never releases any harmful gases or fumes.
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ACP Cladding Services In Chennai

Making the right advertising choice is always the beginning of success! Let’s get going with building your brand presence better by gaining more popularity in the City!

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